Growth Advisory

For small to mid-sized IT products and services companies in India and US.

Welcome to 5x Growth fueled by Positive Disruption

Market dynamics are evolving. What worked 10 or even 5 years ago is no longer a way to go. Our growth advisory service is focused on helping you achieve transformational breakthroughs with the positive disruption approach.


We create your Hypergrowth Strategy Blueprint and support you in execution to propel your organization to grow organically, to accelerating growth by strategic acquisitions and we also help create the premium enterprise value for a perfectly timed exit.


We have cracked the code to scale IT
companies and accelerate value creation.

Our Growth Advisory Service is built on the “Grow, Buy, Sell” Axiom. This encompasses organic growth, fundraising, inorganic growth, and mergers and acquisitions. Companies that have been able to emerge successfully have often followed a phase-wise approach of the Grow-Buy-Sell strategy.


Strong foundation for organic and scalable growth

We help build a strong foundation by charting a growth strategy aligned with every part of your operations. We infuse positive disruption to drive product innovation, strengthen internal competencies, articulate brand story, accelerate profitable customer acquisition, optimize organisation structure, implement value-driven delivery processes, and enable data-driven decision making to achieve organic growth milestones.


Strategic acquisitions to accelerate growth

Part of your hypergrowth blueprint includes inorganic growth. Acquisitions are critical to enhance value, enter new markets, build new capabilities and access new technologies. We help you define strategic priorities, build the investment strategy, identify the appropriate partners, coordinate the business due diligence, raise structured capital to fund expansion and negotiate the transaction terms. We also build the strategy and coordinate the post transaction integration.


Exit with a maximum enterprise value

We help you create and maximize value throughout the organic and inorganic growth phases. We get your company transaction-ready with maximized valuation. We will help you identify key valuation drivers, identify best fir prospective partners and deal structuring for maximum value.


Our Areas of Expertise

Growth Strategy and Implementation

Advisory Board

Market positioning

Operations Optimization

Product and services portfolio optimization and innovation

Talent Optimization and Organisation Development

Mergers and Acquisitions

Leadership Mentoring and Development

Culture and Change Management

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