Investment Ecosystem

Ultimate Platform to Nurture Startups


At 5F World and our partner network, we are committed to propel startups showcasing high growth potential irrespective of the industry they cater to. To support their transformative journey, we have built a robust investment ecosystem capable in seed funding and fundraising programs. Besides direct support the ecosystem fosters fruitful associations connecting startups with stakeholders in supporting innovative digital transformation ideas and ventures.


Global Talent Track

GTT is a global educational initiative and a corporate training solutions that has pioneered in the Hire-Train-Deploy (HTD) model making thousands of youth employable. GTT provides multinationals with expansive network reach and a diverse suite of cloud networking services, securely connecting them to services, applications and cloud service providers around the world.

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Skills Alpha

Skills Alpha is a comprehensive skill management platform that re-imagines the way organizations empower their talent with skills to make their businesses future-ready. Skills Alpha incorporates the best of learning and productivity improvement approaches through a sharp focus on context.

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Live History India

Live History India brings lesser known history about India on to the spotlight educating people and creating a platform to help Indians and India lovers rediscover the many facets of our country.

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Studio Coppre

Studio Coppre was set up to revive the tradition of using copper in our lives, which is vanishing with the advent of steel and plastic. They address the need of bringing highly skilled metal-working artisans into the economic mainstream.

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Joint Ventures

Kalzoom Advisors

Kalzoom Advisors, a joint venture with New York based Chesapeake Inc provides digital transformation consulting to large corporations, growth advisory to smaller innovative firms and a Grow-Buy-Sell service to firms building value in a competitive marketplace.

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Center for Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Analytics (Center for AIA) is the brainchild of experienced and visionary alumni of IIT Madras and Bombay. Digital leaders 5F World and Systech Solutions have joined hands to create a venture for architecting the future of society, workforce, governments and businesses.

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